YK11 SARM: How It Works, What To Expect & Results Inside!

What Is YK11


First and foremost, let’s take a closer look at what this compound is.

YK11 is a selective androgen receptor (SARM). In case you aren’t familiar with SARMs, they’re a class of androgen receptor ligands.

They have highly anabolic effects, but where they differ is that they are selective in how they work.

By being targeted, they interfere with less biological processes causing little to no side effects compared to AAS.

YK11 SARM structure

YK11 is a unique type of compound because it works a little differently than most compounds.

The research on this SARM is minimal, and it has not been through human clinical trials.

Therefore, we recommend staying away from it and going with a legitimate muscle-builder like Ecdysterone.

Disclaimer: YK-11 is an unapproved and experimental compound. Our content is based partly on clinical data and anecdotal experiences. We do not approve of usage or the sale of this compound; we simply provide information.

Ecdysterone is a naturally occurring plant steroid that’ll help you enhance muscle growth safely. We’ve managed to gain 7lbs in 8 we with our last cycle.

YK11 SARM Mechanism

YK11 isn’t your typical Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. Actually, the opinions on whether or not it is a SARM are divided.


Well, it’s a lot stronger and more effective than the other compounds out there. It has a unique type of mechanism behind it.

We’ve done extensive research on this compound, and there are a few things that stand out.

  • It was shown to have anabolic activity
  • It might inhibit the activity of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  • It can upregulate follistatin

It’s quite exciting yet very complicated at the same time because, as we mentioned, data is limited.

In this clinical study, you can learn more about the effects of this SARM.

Benefits And Results

We’ve spoken to athletes and bodybuilders who have tested this compound and wanted to share their experiences with us. They claim that there’s a good reason why they use it.

And that is because they found it highly effective at building muscle tissue. When using the YK11 Sarm, gaining muscle mass becomes much easier, and you’ll gain it faster.

They claim that they managed to gain size every week while using it, but strength will also increase rapidly.

YK11 SARM Results

Anecdotal experiences have shown an increase of up to 10lbs over six weeks. Keep in mind that this can be different for everybody using it.

But since the data on it is insufficient, we don’t recommend using it.

We’ve had similar results with Ecdysterone, which is a natural anabolic with no side effects.

Some users also stack it with other SARMs, such as Ligandrol (LGD-4033) and MK-677 (Ibutamoren).

YK11 Dosage Information

When speaking of YK11 dosages, we’re going off anecdotal experiences.

As we previously mentioned, it’s a strong compound. 

It might even be more robust than RAD140 (Testolone) when we compare it milligram per milligram.

Generally speaking, a good YK11 dosage is anywhere from 5 to 10mg per day for optimal results. A cycle can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your goals.

And quite frankly, that is all you need. If you’re going to take more than 10mg, you might end up with some side effects.

It’s better to take it easy at 5-10mg per day and make significant progress without any issues.

During the cycle, you will need to Defend cycle support because it might be liver toxic.

After the cycle, make sure to run Rebirth PCT to help you recover. It’s a powerful post-cycle therapy supplement that you will need.

The above statements are based on anecdotal experiences and are not backed up by clinical data. Using this compound can be dangerous, and we advise against using it.


The half-life of the YK11 sarm is said to be about 10 to 12 hours. Bodybuilders who have shared their experience say that this means dosing once daily during your cycle will be sufficient.

We don’t recommend using YK11.

Side Effects

Of all the SARMs out there, YK-11 is the one with the least information available.

This means that there isn’t any clinical data available to support claims being made about the use of this compound and its side effects. This makes it extremely unsafe, meaning you shouldn’t be using it.

We’ve done our research and have gone through several user logs that have written down their experience.

Users have reported the following side effects:

  • Hormone suppression
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Stomach issues

Again, we can’t be sure that these are all the side effects. Anecdotal experiences claim that it is advised to keep your dosage and cycle length at a minimum.

They say that you’ll be less at risk of running into potential side effects by doing that. It will definitely require a proper SARMs PCT protocol and cycle support.

The best products for that are Defend cycle support and Rebirth PCT by HugeSupplements.com. Most of the users use these two products to help them through the cycle.

Also, make sure to check out our SR9009 guide.

Should You Get YK11

After carefully reviewing the evidence, data, and anecdotal reports on the YK11 SARM, we’ve concluded that it’s not entirely reliable.

The compound has zero human studies, making it extremely dangerous. It can carry severe side effects.

There are currently a couple of sources available that sell YK-11. We would only recommend getting it from a trustworthy source like Chemyo.

We’ve had significant results with a combination of Ecdysterone and Sapogenix, which is like a superior version of Laxogenin.

It’s available as a 4-week or 8-week cycle, depending on how much size you want to gain.

It’s helped us gain 7lbs in 8 weeks, which is still an extremely good gain for a product that doesn’t require PCT or cycle support.

YK11 Frequently Asked Questions

When should you take yk11?

It is advised to take YK11 once per day since it has a relatively long half-life. If you are taking a high dosage, it can also spread the dosage into two servings.

How long does yk11 take to work?

Based on the user experiences we’ve come across, it takes roughly a week for the compound to start working. Please note that some users found it to take slightly longer.

Does yk11 really work?

Yes, absolutely. It’s a great product for building size and strength, but the data on it is limited. We definitely don’t question the effectiveness of YK11.

Does yk11 cause gyno?

No, Yk11 should not be causing gyno under any circumstance. If you do think it is causing gyno, it might be possible you have received a fake product. Make sure to buy from reputable sources.

What About a Yk11 mk 677 stack?

The YK11 MK677 stack is extremely popular. MK-677 is known for functioning as a growth hormone secretagogue, meaning it’ll raise your HGH levels.

Combine this with YK, and you’ll be making some serious progress when it comes to size and strength.


The YK11 SARM is one of a kind; there’s no other way to put it. Anecdotal experiences claim it is prevalent for enhancing muscle mass and strength.

Unfortunately, not much clinical data is available to support the many claims made about this product. This is a serious issue because you don’t know what can happen or the long-term effects.

Users have reported side effects, so we don’t recommend using it as it is unreliable.

Those who do need to know that post-cycle therapy is 100% required once the cycle is complete. Make sure to get Rebirth and Defend, so you are entirely ready and protected.

One thing is for sure; it’s powerful. But, since there are pretty much no human studies with this compound, we advise staying far away from it.

You’re better off going with a product like Ecdysterone from Huge Supplements, which also accelerates muscle growth but does so safely.

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