Testogen Review: Does It Really Increase Testosterone By 50%

There are so many male health supplements on the market. It can be hard to separate the good from the bad. Testogen is one such supplement.

Formulated from natural ingredients, it claims to help enhance testosterone levels and improve strength, vitality, and energy levels.

What Is Testogen?


Testogen is one of the most popular natural supplements for improving men’s health. It’s also known as one of the best testosterone booster supplements.

However, in an era where men’s supplements are a dime a dozen, this alone might not mean much.

Testogen Review

A non-biased and in-depth Testogen review is the best way for you to figure out the truth, and that’s what we’re offering you today.

This Testogen review will cover all of the basics and some of the not-so-basic things about Testosterone.

Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a complete understanding of this supplement and how it works.

How Does Testogen Work?

Testogen aims to boost men’s’ health by improving testosterone levels and providing many benefits. This means that Testogen helps to increase muscle growth, libido, energy levels, and athletic performance.

It does this by combining several different ingredients that work together to change your hormonal balance.

Many of these ingredients have been used for many thousands of years in traditional medicine systems for these same purposes. 

Testogen is simply a modern twist on a formula that’s as old as medicine itself

In addition to using time-tested herbal substances, such as fenugreek and nettle extract, this testosterone booster combines several vitamin and mineral extracts. 

These vitamins and minerals have only been identified relatively recently thanks to scientific research, and including them in the formula helps to bolster the benefits of the herbs.

Testogen mainly works by providing the body with the proper nutrients to synthesize Testosterone.

This allows it to kick-start the production of Testosterone and can be useful for helping people restore balance to their hormonal system. It can be especially useful for people who have low T.

The herbal supplements interact with the hormonal system and can put your Testosterone to better use.

Overall, the effect is that your body begins to optimize its production of hormones such as Testosterone. It’s possible to stack it with legal steroids to optimize muscle mass and strength.

Besides, ingredients like fenugreek work to provide similar benefits as Testosterone by increasing strength and vitality.

Benefits of Testogen

Testogen will help your body produce more Testosterone, and as such you can expect to enjoy the benefits of improved T levels. These can include:

  • Improved energy levels. Nearly all of the ingredients in this supplement have a positive impact on your energy levels. Energy improvement is one of the first effects that you’ll notice, and you may even notice it within a single dose!
  • Increased muscle tone and mass. Testosterone-boosting supplements help to enhance the body’s ability to produce and maintain muscle. If Testogen improves your T levels, then you’ll notice better results from your workout. It’s optional to stack it with D-Bal for better results.
  • Improved libido. Lots of the ingredients in Testogen help to improve your libido. They also help to boost testosterone levels. Since Testosterone is related to male libido, this can also improve your status.
  • Helps to enhance mental clarity and focus. Many people are unaware of how important Testosterone is for your mental health. Improving T levels can help bring clarity and focus into your daily routine.
  • Improved sexual performance. Improving T levels can help to enhance your sexual performance. In addition to improving your libido, Testogen includes ingredients like Panax red ginseng and fenugreek which can help improve blood flow to the genitals, leading to stronger erections.

The fact that Testogen is made with naturally occurring ingredients can also be considered a benefit.

When compared to completely synthetic substances like steroids, Testogen is much less risky.

While steroids provide drastic results very quickly, they almost always lead to serious side effects that can cause long-term damage.

This product is also safer than hormonal replacement therapies, which can lead to serious imbalances or health problems.

While some people might need hormone replacement therapy, it could be a good idea to try a less dangerous intervention like Testogen first.

(Note: if you are having serious health problems or are at risk of a hormonal deficiency, you may want to talk to a doctor before taking any supplements.)

Testogen Ingredients

Testogen contains a mix of different ingredients. All of these ingredients are naturally occurring.

Testogen ingredients list

An adaptogenic herb that’s been used for many thousands of years to help boost energy levels, sexual health, and libido. Ginseng is found in a number of herbal formulas and has been scientifically studied for its ability to help bring balance to the body.

Vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient for men because it helps the body produce androgens. Androgens are a specific type of hormone that is generally referred to as ‘male hormones’ because of their role in certain masculine factors, such as promoting muscle growth. Testosterone is an androgen, and as such, vitamin B6 is considered a required nutrient for anyone hoping to produce healthy testosterone levels.

Zinc is one of the most vital nutrients for sexual health. You may have heard that oysters are considered an aphrodisiac.

This is largely because they contain vast amounts of zinc, which helps to boost libido and improve the formation of Testosterone in both men and women.

Fenugreek is a herb that most people associate with aromatic curry.

However, fenugreek has also been used to help improve energy and vitality, as well as helping to regulate muscle growth.

D-aspartic acid, a compound which helps to regulate amino acids in the body. 

D-aspartic acid also helps the body produce luteinizing hormone, which then aids in the production of Testosterone.

Vitamin D (Sunshine vitamin) is vital for everyone. The creation of Testosterone uses vitamin D, so it’s essential to replenish it if you want to boost your T levels.

Vitamin K1 is an essential nutrient for maintaining the health of your bones and joints.

It also helps the body absorb and make use of vitamin D, making it indirectly crucial for boosting testosterone levels.

Boron is an undervalued nutrient that many people aren’t even aware of. Boron is important for the production of Testosterone, and even a slight increase in boron can boost T levels.

Nettle leaf plays an essential function in Testogen because of the way that it binds to something known as sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). This hormone binds to Testosterone that’s been ‘used’ and delivers it out of the body.

Nettle leaf extract also binds to SHBG, meaning that more Testosterone can float freely through the body.

This means that you’ll get more out of the Testosterone that you already produce.

Magnesium is vital for the production of Testosterone. It also helps lower blood pressure and can help some men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction.

ED is often caused by difficulty having blood flow to the penis. By correcting this problem, magnesium can help improve sexual ability.

Where To Buy Testogen

If you’re looking to buy Testogen, don’t worry – it’s not hard. 

You can, of course, buy Testogen from the company’s own website.

Doing this provides you with several benefits.

  • You can use coupon codes when buying Testogen off of their website. At the time of this writing, you can save 20% using a coronavirus discount coupon.
  • You can also take advantage of bulk deals that you can only find on Testogen’s website. This allows you to buy supplies for 2 months, 3 months, 5 months or more and receive improving discounts depending on how much you buy.

We don’t recommend buying Testogen from online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, as we can’t be sure of the product’s safety here.

There’s a very high chance that if you purchase it in places other than the manufacturer’s own website will be fake.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions that you might have about this testosterone booster.

These are some of the most commonly asked:

How to take Testogen

The best way to take Testogen is, of course, the way that the makers suggest.

A bottle of Testogen contains 120 capsules, which is supposed to last you for a month. This means that you’re supposed to take 4 capsules per day.

Testogen’s website says that you should take all 4 capsules 20 minutes before breakfast.

It would be best if you also made the same dosage on workout days and non-workout days. The website also recommends that you work out for 2 months and then take 1.5 weeks off.

How long til Testogen kicks in?

Testogen takes a bit of time to start working, but once it does, you’ll undoubtedly feel the effects.

The duration of time that it takes to kick in depends on your sensitivity to the ingredients and the issues that you’re using Testogen to manage.

For example, someone with a severe testosterone deficiency may experience more obvious benefits than someone who has healthy T levels and wants to improve their baseline.

Most people start to experience improvements to their energy levels, focus, and motivation within 1-2 weeks.

If you’re looking to improve muscle mass and toning, you may start to notice an improvement around this time as well.

However, since it generally takes longer to produce new muscle tissue through working out, it might take a bit longer to see improvements.

Testogen’s website says that the most apparent improvements will be seen within 4 to 6 weeks after starting the supplement, as long as you’re maintaining your regular workout routine.

How long can you take Testogen?

In theory, you can take Testogen for as long as you want. However, this probably isn’t a good idea.

Any supplement that has a tangible effect on your body needs to be used responsibly. This is because the body is highly adaptable.

When you’re regularly consuming a substance that changes the way your body produces hormones, you need to take breaks.

If you don’t, your body will become reliant on the supplement. It’ll stop producing hormones on its own.

In this case, it’s a good idea to cycle through Testogen by taking it for a month or so and then taking a week off.

If you don’t do this, you probably won’t experience any drastic effects. However, you may notice that you become slightly less motivated or energetic when you’re not using Testogen.

Final Verdict On Testogen

Testogen is a powerful supplement that’s formulated with natural ingredients. It helps your body to produce more Testosterone.

As such, you can expect to enjoy improved energy levels, a stronger libido, and a boost in your muscle tone.

It is generally safe and can be used for extended periods, but it should be cycled.

Cycling helps to ensure that it remains effective and can continue to provide benefits for the future.

Hopefully, this Testogen review has shed some light on this supplement to decide whether or not you’d like to use it.

Testogen Review 2020
Testogen ingredients list

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