Swiss Chems Review: Is This The New Best Source? (2022)

In today’s article, we will review a relatively new company called Swiss Chems. It’s based in the US, despite the name, and has a wide variety of research chemicals. They’re also one of the few producers of SARMs that are entirely open and transparent about their products. 

They’re also an international company in terms of shipping, despite the supply chain disruptions that are rampant and unpredictable. 

In recent years multiple reputable companies have stopped selling SARMs or completely stopped operating. That’s why we will review Swiss Chems today to see if this is the new best SARM source.

Swiss Chems Sarms


Swiss Chems sells a ton of products, including peptides, kratom, post-cycle therapies, nootropics, male enhancement pills, and various stacks.

But their largest inventory is in SARMs, and it’s not even close.

Their biggest deficiency is in Ligandrol, but that’s because of a current and ongoing issue with copyright from the original founding company. Hopefully, that will change in the near future but, for now, it is what it is. 

It’s often difficult to find independent analysis and lab results for SARMs offered by a variety of companies out there. That’s not the case with Swiss Chems. Official lab results on all of the SARMs they offer are up front, ready for you to read. 

In fact, Swiss Chems will refund your money if you decide to run an independent test of any of their SARMs and reach a negative conclusion. That’s a pretty good offer, and it does a lot to beef up the company’s credibility. They have a decent range of SARMs to offer as well. 

There’s enough here to put together a potent sarms stack, not to mention the stacks Swiss Chem has ready to go with a single purchase. They are very comparable in quality with, for example, Chemyo

Swiss Chem’s lab results are independent, third-party results, and going through the list on their website, purity is exceptional. 

Swiss Chems Sarms

Pricing and Shipping Options

Judging by its offerings and the independent lab results, Swiss Chems looks like they are trying to get out front in the marketing and trust categories. They want you to know right off the bat that you’re not buying something some guy threw together in his basement. 

Swiss Chems is the same way with their shipping information and pricing. If you buy from Swiss Chems, you’re going to pay a premium price. There’s no getting around that.

However, you’re also purchasing a known commodity with the independent lab results you can’t always get with other companies. 

For instance, 60 capsules of GW-501516 is going to set you back $69.95, or a 60 capsule bottle of YK-11 will run $75.95. You can catch a discount code here or there or get Swiss Chems on a discount day. But, most importantly, you’ll pay a pretty penny for their products. 

When you’re getting exactly what you pay for, there is something to be said about justifying the high price. You know what you’re getting with Swiss Chems.

Once you click on a product, simply scroll down to their test/lab results and see the certification for yourself. 

When it comes to shipping, 1-7 business days is the standard timeframe for the US and California. International shipping is listed as 1 to 2 weeks. Swiss Chems also clearly won’t ship Peptides to a military address. They also charge you $25 if you submit an order, then turn around and cancel it a day later. 

If the shipping times have a lot of disparity, it’s because of the after-effects caused by the pandemic. Who knows how long that sort of thing will go on, but it will take a while for everyone to get back on the same page again. 

What Do Other Say?

Swiss Chem is a relatively established company, opening its doors in 2018. They received a decent amount of reviews in the last few years; generally, it’s pretty positive. 

The biggest complaint you will see concerning Swiss Chems is the shipping times. Unfortunately, that’s the name of the game right now until shipping and supply chains are sorted out and completely return to some semblance of normalcy. 

Swiss Chems makes it pretty clear that they process your order in 1 to 2 business days. After that, it’s entirely out of their hands. Swiss Chems doesn’t offer a number of different options, such as expedited mail or overnight shipping. 

The reason they don’t is the general slowness of the mailing industry right now. Swiss Chems would take all the blame because USPS can’t get their stuff together. As a business, it makes sense that they would be upfront and let you know it’s going to be 1 to 7 business days. 

Swiss Chems accepts the typical credit and debit card purchases, and they also accept cryptocurrency as well. They also offer a lot in terms of steeper discounts if you choose to pay in crypto. Swiss Chem has a full breakdown on how to pay with crypto as well. 

They also accept payment through Zelle, which is similar to payment systems like PayPal or Cash App. 

Is Swiss Chems Legit?

Swiss Chems has proven to be one of the best sources currently on the market. Its catalog alone is way more extensive than any other operating source. You can buy popular peptides like Phenibut and BPC-157.

They also stand for quality and have an extensive testing protocol for every product they stock. We used to see this with Science Bio when they were still operating. 

Posting third-party testing lab results and their 100% refund guarantee for additional, independent lab results is a sign of a company that is putting its reputation on the line and reaching out to the customer. 

They’re legit, and if you are looking for something above the level, you should give them a shot. They ship from home and abroad, so you can get your hands on their latest offerings regardless of where you’re at. 

The Bottom Line

Swiss Chems is a reputable company with a lot to offer. They are definitely not the cheapest option, but it’s a matter of getting exactly what you pay for. It’s not for nothing that we have mentioned them in our best sources with sarms for sale guide.

Swiss Chems offers the third-party lab results and level of transparency necessary for a company selling legitimate SARMs.

They’ve built themselves back up in a short time and are now considered one of the more reputable brands out there. This is especially true at a time when SARMs have taken a massive hit from a number of unpredictable angles.

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