Sports Technology Labs Review: We Show You If They’re Legit!

One vendor that has gotten increasingly more popular over the past year is Sports Technology Labs.

Because we’ve been getting many questions on whether or not these guys are the real deal, we’ve decided to research this company and provide you with our unbiased, in-depth Sports Technology review.

Are these guys worthy of your business, and will they sell you high-quality SARMs? 

Only one way to find out – continue reading!

Introducing Sports Technology Labs


Before we dive further into everything you need to know about this vendor, here’s some general information about the brand.

Sports Technology Labs was created in 2020, meaning they’ve been on the market for roughly two years. During this period, they’ve managed to build up an excellent reputation as a reliable, trustworthy supplier.

The company has one mission – providing its customers with the absolute highest quality SARMs possible. They do so by performing extensive third-party laboratory testing, and each compound has to have a minimum purity of 98%.

Sports technology labs sarms

Anything lower doesn’t get sold, meaning they genuinely care about quality control and what they provide the customers.

Sports Technology Labs SARMs

As you may already know, this company’s primary product selection consists of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). First, it’s good to know that you can get both liquids and powders from them.

Here are a few examples of their best-selling products as of right now: 

As you can see, they have all the good, effective compounds. These guys also carry RU-58841, a research chemical topical commonly used to promote hair growth.

You can view the entire product lineup by clicking here; it’ll take you directly to their website.

Each product comes with a third-party test, which you can view on each product’s page. This is crucial, as this means that Sports Technology Labs goes the extra mile in making sure you are getting real SARMs.

Is Sports Technology Labs Legit?

The million-dollar question – Are sports technology labs legit?

Our answer is yes. They’re about as legit as it gets. You know us, we try out every single vendor before recommending them, and these guys passed the test.

The products we bought from them were effective and came with third-party testing. On top of that, customer care and shipping were on point.

Sports technology labs review
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Another thing we like is that you’re able to pay by credit card, which isn’t that common when buying SARMs. Plus, they don’t charge ridiculous fees for using the credit card payment option like some companies do.

If you don’t believe us, feel free to do some research on Sports Technology Labs. You’ll find plenty of positive reviews on platforms like Reddit and other forums vouching for the companies’ legitimacy.

If you plan to move through with these guys, continue reading, as we’ve got a little surprise for those who want to order.

Sports Technology Labs Discount Code

We realize that buying SARMs from this source isn’t cheap, so being able to use a discount code can be very helpful.

We’ve managed to get our hands on a unique Sports Technology Labs Discount code that will work on any order, no matter what. 

It’s the highest discount code currently available, so make sure to use it whenever you’re placing an order with this company. Let us walk you through how to claim this discount code to ensure you don’t miss out.

How to take advantage of our Sports Technology Labs Discount code:

Step 1: Head over to the official website by clicking here.

Step 2:  Add the items you want to purchase to your cart and proceed to the checkout page.

Step 3: When you’re on the checkout page, you can click the message ‘Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code,’ at the top of the page, and a box will pop up. 

In this box, you can put down the coupon code ”BRADLEY” and click ‘Apply Coupon’ to receive your discount. 

If you’re struggling to find it, here’s an image of what you should be looking for:

Sports technology labs discount code

Step 4: Congratulations! You’ve now added our unique discount code to your order, allowing you to save some extra money. Now, you can fill out the rest of your details and pay for your order.

Sports Technology Labs F.A.Q.

How fast do Sports Technology Labs ship?

They ship out every order usually on the same day the order is placed. They’re extremely fast, and your package will arrive on your doorstep within a matter of days.

What payment options do Sports Technology Labs offer?

There are multiple payment options on the website, with the most popular options being credit cards, eCheck, and Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies). We advise keeping things simple and using a credit card, as it’s the easiest and most convenient way to pay.

Would you recommend buying SARMs from them?

Yes, absolutely. As we’ve mentioned in the article, we’ve run several of their products, which delivered excellent results. The third-party testing is legitimate, meaning you’ll have no regrets about buying from these guys.

Does Sports Technology Labs offer free shipping?

Yes, you’re able to get free shipping. For U.S. orders, you must spend over $99 to be eligible for free shipping. For International orders, you must spend over $299.

What's the best way to reach the Sports Technology Labs team?

The best way to reach them is by filling out the contact us form, emailing, or calling them. They usually get back to you within 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

We’re happy we gave Sports Technology Labs a fair shot because they ended up being an extremely reliable and top-notch SARMs vendor.

They have an excellent lineup of SARMs, which you can get in liquid solutions and raw powders. They even have SARMs stacks, meaning there’s plenty to choose from.

When you buy from Sports Technology Labs, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting your hands on real, high-quality SARMs.

Besides that, their customer support, shipping, and payment options are fantastic as well. They’ve got you covered in every aspect when it comes to buying research chemicals, so feel free to give them a shot.

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