RU58841: Prevent Hair Loss, What To Expect & Results Inside

RU58841 is an investigational drug created for treatment against androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness(MPD).

In research, it has been shown to be very effective and possibly the best compound in battling against hair loss. There isn’t much data available since research has stopped a couple of years ago due to financial reasons. Nonetheless, it has been proven many times that RU58841 is the next big thing against MPD.

In this article, we will explain to you how this compound works and how you could possibly use it in your hair loss protocol.

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What is RU58841?


RU58841 is an anti-androgen created and researched by a French company called Roussel Uclaf. They found out that RU58841 is a potent androgen receptor inhibitor capable of blocking DHT from reaching scalp hair receptors.

Research on RU58841 stopped because of potential financial concerns and effectiveness. It was then bought by a company called Prostrakan, and they renamed RU58841 to PSK3841 and did several studies on it.

After a couple of years, they lost interest in this compound because the total market value was marked as ‘mediocre’. 

Disclaimer: RU58841 is an unapproved and experimental compound. Our content is based partly on clinical data and anecdotal experiences. We do not approve of usage or the sale of this compound; we simply provide information.

It’s a topical solution that needs to be applied right on the scalp to bind with the hair follicles.

How Does RU58841 Work?

Let’s first look at how hair loss occurs and what the main reason is.

Hair loss is prevalent in men. It’s speculated that 20% of the adults under 30 experience hair loss, and by the age of 35, it’s already 40%. As you can see, it’s very common for men to experience hair loss, so you don’t have to be ashamed of it.

In almost all cases of MPB, it’s related to high DHT levels. DHT is a male hormone responsible for many processes in your body. However, having high levels of DHT most of the time results in hair loss.

DHT binds to the androgen receptor at the hair follicles making the hairs miniaturized, and this is where RU58841 comes into play. 

RU-58841 Chemical Structure
RU-58841 Chemical Structure

RU58841 works by blocking DHT to bind to the AR of the hair follicles. It’s a topical solution you need to apply on your scalp and protects your hair from miniaturizing. 

Researchers also speculated that RU58841 has the ability to restore damaged hair follicles, but more research needs to be done on this matter.

Many treatments of hair loss have been studied, for example, Finasteride and Dutasteride, however, both of them seem to work differently than RU58841 as they need to be taken orally and block your DHT levels from within. 

Dosage & How to Use

RU58841 is straightforward to use. When you buy a bottle, you will get a dripper that you can apply on your scalp or the areas prone to male pattern baldness. Some people like to make their own solution with powder, which works the same.

Most users like to spread the solution with their fingers and rub it on their scalp. This protocol literally takes about 1 minute and needs to be done every day.

It’s also highly advised to apply RU58841 within 20 minutes after showering and drying your hair.

5omg a day is an average RU58841 dosage used the most when starting with this compound.

Some users go up to 75mg or 100mg a day, but that’s only with severe cases. We would recommend starting with just 50mg and going from there. If it works, then you shouldn’t change the dosage.

You need to use RU for a more extended period to see actual results. It’s therefore essential to stay consistent and make it a daily ritual. Some people use it for months to get great results, only to see it vanish after they stop using it.

A study revealed that after 4 weeks the hair follicle turned back to normal.

RU58841 hair loss

Latest Research

The first study done on RU was on hamsters and was back in 1994. The French researcher Roussel Uclaf did multiple animal studies and concluded that: ” RU 58841 might be helpful for the topical treatment of androgen-dependent skin disorders such as acne, androgenic alopecia, and hirsutism”. 

Later research in 1998 did further testing on stump-tailed macaques and revealed that RU increased the density, ticketing, and length of the hair on those who suffered from male bald patterns, and there were no systemic effects detected. 

Another study tested the effects of Finasteride and RU also on stump-tailed macaques. The results of this study were very promising. 

Below you will see a picture of the results of this study. 

ru58841 results

They found out that RU increased anagen follicles by 103% and Finasteride by 88%. Another thing they noticed was that RU resulted in hair regrowth of 26%.

The only difference is that Finasteride decreased DHT levels, and RU showed no significant change in DHT and Testosterone levels.

All studies on this compound showed that it works very effectively and without any negative side effects. It has to be noted that lower dosages of RU weren’t as effective, so make sure to use the clinical dosage, which is around 50mg a day.

After these studies, RU58841 was purchased by a company called Prostrakan. They did several human studies, but unfortunately, they never revealed any data. Eventually, they planned a phase III, which means that the first human study was very positive. 

Since then, there hasn’t been any study done on this compound, and the license is still with Kyowa Kirin, a Japanese pharmaceutical company. It’s rumored that the company had stopped researching because of financial concerns. 

Where to buy RU58841

There are a couple of sources that sell this compound; however, we would advise buying only from trusted sources.

Luckily for you, we have tested out many vendors and came to the conclusion that the following sources have the best RU58841 for sale:

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Both sources seem to have third-party label tests available and have a premade solution. This makes it very easy and convenient. 

Some people like to make their own solution and buy raw powder. However, we wouldn’t recommend doing this if you have never done it before. You could potentially mess up the dosage, which you definitely do not want.

We have tested both & Chemyo many times before. They are both respectable research chemical vendors known to sell SARMs like LGD-4033, Ostarine, RAD-140 & more.

Keep in mind that these products are still being researched and are not FDA approved. If you’re not sure if you can use it, don’t hesitate to contact a health professional.

Side Effects

RU58841 is still an experimental drug, and there aren’t many human trials done. In fact, there are only 2 or 3 human trials, and those results weren’t published.

However, the fact that RU landed in Phase 3 trials means that it was very promising without a lot of adverse effects.

There is not much clinical data available on the side effects of RU58841. However, many anecdotal experiences have taught us that there aren’t many side effects and that it’s generally well tolerated.

RU basically blocks the androgen receptors, which could mean that if some liquid got into the bloodstream that it will also block other androgen receptors in the body.

This could lead to some DHT-related side effects like Erectile dysfunction, brain fog, low libido, fatigue.  Some people could be allergic and see some skin irritation.

RU58841 Frequently Asked Questions

How to store RU58841?

It’s essential to store your RU58841 in a dry, dark, and cool place. It’s preferred to keep your liquid solution in your fridge in a sealed back. When it’s exposed to heat and light, it could lose potency.

If you have raw powder, we would advise making a couple of liquid solutions and storing the other powder in your fridge in a sealed back.

How long does RU58841 take to work?

Research has shown to see results within two months of using it. Some users have noticed effects sooner, but you can expect to see results within 2-4 months.

RU58841 vs Finasteride

Many people have asked us the difference, but more importantly, which one is better in battling hair loss. Both seem to be very effective, but we would say that RU is more promising and potent.

Another significant factor is that Finasteride lowers your body’s DHT, which can cause side effects like erectile dysfunction. 

Can you stack it?

Yes, you can stack it with other compounds to combat hair loss. Many people prefer stacking it with Minoxidil. This stack seems to work very effectively because RU will help you protect your hair, and Minoxidil will help grow new hairs.


RU58841 has shown to be an effective method of combatting male bald patterns. Many studies have proven that it works. However, there are still no long-term studies done. 

While it’s still an investigational drug, many people have used it and seem to get great results.

It doesn’t seem to have many side effects, and it is readily available. We would highly recommend our trusted sources if you’re looking to buy it. You can purchase RU58841 over here.

It’s a product you would need to use every day. However, you just need to apply it to your scalp, which takes just a minute to do.

If you’re looking for a product that could help against hair loss, we highly recommend trying it out. 

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