Laxogenin Explained: The 3 Major Benefits + Results Revealed

What Is Laxogenin?


Laxogenin is a unique compound that is commonly referred to as the plant anabolic. People call it the plant steroid because it’s derived from the Smilax Sieboldii, which contains brassinosteroids.

What these do brassinosteroids is they cause growth in plants. Therefore, scientists started to investigate further the potential and benefits they had in humans.

In dietary supplements, you will often find 5a-hydroxy laxogenin, a synthetic version of the compound. 

Many often confuse it to be some type of prohormone, but it’s not. It doesn’t interfere with the body’s natural hormone production, unlike prohormones do.

This makes it a useful and supposedly safe muscle-building compound for athletes that don’t want to turn to dangerous performance-enhancers.

What Is Laxogenin Used For?

Laxogenin is mainly used by bodybuilders and other athletes to enhance performance.

Since brassinosteroids have shown anabolic effects, they could potentially enhance one’s physical performance in several ways.

Let’s go over the main reasons why athletes use this compound

Accelerate Lean Muscle Mass Growth

Many athletes that use or have used Laxogenin notice a significant increase in lean muscle growth.

The muscle-building effects start kicking in after about one week, where the user will notice an increase in performance.

Laxogenin bodybuilding

The clinical data on the muscle-building effects of this compound is limited, but with that said, the many positive user reviews have shown it to work.

Increase Protein Synthesis

These plant steroids, such as 5 alpha-hydroxy laxogenin, work differently than other hormones.

They activate a specific type of protein in the body, which then makes sure your body doesn’t break down muscle proteins.

With more muscle proteins, your body will be able to increase it’s performance significantly. You will recover faster and put on mass more quickly.

Breaks Down Fat Cells

As I mentioned before, this compound doesn’t have a lot of scientific data available to back it up, so we are going off user reviews.

Another less-mentioned benefit of Laxogenin is that it could help break down fat cells.

This means that athletes should also consider using it for cutting to help them speed up weight loss and prevent muscle loss.

Laxogenin Dosage & Cycle

If this compound has gotten your interest and you plan to try it, it’s essential to know how to use it.

The best Laxogenin dosage is between 100 to 200mg a day. If it’s your first time trying it, we advise starting with just 100mg per day to see how your body reacts.

Personally, I found 200mg per day to be the best dosage for me. We don’t advise going any higher than that because it’s already very potent.

Make sure to buy a high-quality supplement, preferably Annihilate by Huge Nutrition since it’s better than others.

The length of the cycle should be between 4 to 12 weeks. After this period, you should take a 4-week break before starting a new cycle.

Make sure to calculate how long and at what dosage your cycle will be, so you can get the necessary bottles.

It is also optional to stack this compound with other supplements. We’ve had great results with the Insanity Stack – it combines Laxogenin, Epicatechin, and Arachidonic acid.

Will Laxogenin Cause Side Effects?

Based on the research we’ve done, Laxogenin causes little to no side effects.

The side effects users have reported are mild stomach issues and headaches. With that said, many users report no side effects at all.

It is pretty much safe for consumption; otherwise, companies wouldn’t be selling it.

Of course, it’s essential to follow the dosage guidelines. Don’t do anything stupid and start with a low dosage to assess your tolerance.

It’s also worth mentioning that you will not need a post cycle therapy after the cycle.

Best Rated Laxogenin Supplement

Since this ingredient has gotten extremely popular over the last year, more and more supplement companies have started adding it to their product lineup.

Right now, there are dozens of laxogenin supplements on the market. But, you want to get the best bang for your buck.

We advise buying Annihilate by Huge Nutrition. It’s by far the highest quality laxogenin supplement, plus, it’s on sale right now.

The reason why we advise getting it is that it’s superior to the other brands out there.

Each capsule of Annihilate contains 100mg of 5-Alpha-hydroxy laxogenin, whereas other companies only put 25 to 50mg per capsule.

That means that just one bottle of Annihilate is enough for a proper cycle. During this cycle, the plant anabolic will help boost mass, strength, and performance.

Also check out our article on muscle building stacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laxogenin A Testosterone Booster?

No, Laxogenin is not a testosterone booster as it works differently. However, it can be stacked with a testosterone booster to further optimize muscle growth.

Does Laxogenin Build Muscle?

Based on our own experience and user reviews, laxogenin does build muscle mass when used correctly.

You will also have to eat right and train hard since it’s not a magic pill.

Is Laxogenin Worth It?

For athletes that want to gain size and strength safely, we definitely think Laxogenin is worth it.

Personally, I have found it to be one of the best natural muscle-building supplements.

Make sure to get a high-quality supplement such as Annihilate if you do plan on using it.

When Should I Take It?

The time when you take it isn’t crucial. Just make sure you take the dosage consistently each day. I always take it in the evening with a meal.

Is Laxogenin Safe?

Since it’s promoted as a dietary supplement by many companies, we assume it’s safe for consumption. However, make sure you stick to the advised dosage and cycle length.

Can I stack it with other supplements?

Yes, absolutely. We see many athletes combine it with other bodybuilding supplements such as Epicatechin or Arachidonic Acid.

The Insanity stack contains Laxogenin, Arachidonic Acid, and Epicatechin. It’s pretty much the best natural muscle building stack out there right now.

The Bottom Line

Laxogenin is a unique muscle building supplement. Many consider it to be a legal steroid due to its anabolic effects.

In our opinion, it’s a supplement that should be considered by every athlete. After all, it’s a safe yet effective way to boost your progress and performance.

If you’re not sure which supplement is the best, we advise checking out Annihilate. It’s our to-go laxo supplement, and we have used it several times before with excellent results.

If you have experience with this compound, let us know how it went in the comments.

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