DMAA Pre Workout: This Happens When You Take 1 Full Scoop!

When you use a DMAA Pre-workout, you’ll experience a crazy boost in overall performance.

Which sounds amazing, right?

But there are several essential things you need to know about this ingredient.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about pre-workout supplements containing DMAA.

What Is DMAA Pre Workout?


A DMAA Pre-workout is a pre-workout supplement containing DMAA (1,3 Dimethylamylamine), a potent amphetamine derivative.

This type of supplement was prevalent amongst fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders.

Due to its high potency, it can drastically boost performance and exercise capacity.

DMAA Pre workout

The ingredient 1,3 Dimethylamylamine was found in many supplements and was marketed as an energy booster and performance enhancer.

It can also be very dangerous and cause severe side effects. In 2013, the FDA banned all DMAA pre-workouts and other supplements containing them, making them illegal.

But, Wrecked is a product that has very similar effects, which we will get to soon.

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The Effects Of DMAA Pre Workouts

When you’d take a scoop of a DMAA pre-workout, you would start to experience the effects after about 20 to 30 minutes.

Since the 1,3-dimethylamylamine is an amphetamine derivative, you can probably guess what happens next.

Yep, an insane energy rush.

Something like you’s never experienced before. It was so strong that you would be able to increase the weights on every exercise due to the boost.

To sum it up…

  • A significant increase in energy
  • Laser focus
  • More strength and power
  • Crazy muscle pumps

The only downside to it was that you would experience a crash after it wore off.

And if you took too much, you could end up feeling horrible. Only a few pre-workouts, such as Wrecked, come near the effects of the good old stuff.

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The Best DMAA Pre Workout Alternative

Unfortunately, you can’t legally buy a pre-workout containing DMAA anymore.

You’ll probably still be able to find them somewhere, but they will originate from the black market.

It would be best if you steered clear from that as you can’t know what they are putting in the product.

But don’t worry; we’ve found a very potent DMAA pre-workout alternative.

I’m talking about Wrecked Enraged by Huge Supplements. I’m convinced it’s the strongest pre-workout supplement on the market right now.

DMAA pre workout Alternative

What makes this stuff so strong is the massive variety of ingredients. One serving is 31 grams, that’s about three times as much as your average PWO.

To re-create the effects of DMAA, Wrecked uses several stimulants such as Higenamine, Rauwolscine, and Isopropylnorsynephrine.

On top of that, you also have the staple ingredients at large dosages, such as 9 grams of L-Citrulline

In my opinion, Wrecked is the closest supplement to a DMAA pre-workout.

You can check Wrecked out on the official HugeSupplements site. They also have bodybuilding supplements that work like steroids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy DMAA Pre Workout?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy pre workout supplements containing DMAA anymore as they are prohibited.

Therefore, we recommend getting the next best thing, which is Wrecked by Huge Nutrition.

Should I Stack Pre Workouts With Other Supplements?

If you’re looking to boost your muscle mass, check out our article on muscle building stacks. They can be stacked with other supplements, and you can significantly enhance your progress.

Are Pre Workouts With DMAA Safe?

In our opinion, they aren’t safe. They were banned for a reason – try the alternatives instead, you’ll find that they work just as good.

How Good Is The Wrecked Alternative?

As somebody that has used the old DMAA pre-workouts back in the day, I can guarantee that Wrecked works nearly as well. The insane energy rush is there; the focus and the pumps are also incredible. By far one of the best I’ve tried in a long time.

The Bottom Line

DMAA Pre-workout supplements used to be the strongest thing you could get your hands on if you wanted to boost your performance. Some products like Dark Energy are said to contain the stimulant still.

With one scoop, you would experience a crazy energy burst, allowing you to get in more repetitions and sets.

But, the ingredient was too dangerous and was banned altogether in 2013.

The good news is that we’ve found a great alternative that works almost as well. Check out Wrecked Enraged by Huge Supplements and take a look at the ingredients.

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