Chosen1 Blackstone Labs Review: Does It Actually Works?

Chosen1 Blackstone Labs is a product that is a very popular muscle building supplement that is often called a legal Prohormone. 

However, how well does this product really work, and do you need a PCT after you are done with a cycle?

In this review, we will explain to you anything you need to know about Chosen1 by Blackstone Labs

Chosen1 blackstone labs

What is chosen1 by Blackstone Labs?


Chosen1 is a muscle-building supplement designed by Blackstone Labs and contains a 1-DHEA blend which are also known as Andros. 

It’s promoted as a hardcore muscle builder that will also give you more strength, size, and aggression.

This blend contains multiple versions of 1-andro to give you optimal effect throughout the day. So it contains fast and long-acting esters. 

Chosen1 also contains a unique absorption blend called the liposomal delivery system. It said to give you a 99% absorption rate instead of just 30%.

As mentioned in our blog post regarding 1-andro, it will not convert to estrogen which is a positive thing. There are not many studies done on 1-andro, so it’s really hard to say how good it works.

However, it will suppress your natural testosterone, and it will require you to get a post cycle therapy. So make sure you get yourself a bottle of Rebirth PCT after your done with your cycle Chosen1.

Chosen1 ingredients

As seen in the image, you can see that it contains a 1-DHEA blend. It has different variations of the 1-andro. 

How long does a cycle of Chosen1 look like?

Well, it’s advised to use it for either 4 or 8 weeks in total and then use a PCT product. If you are new to these kinds of products then it’s advised to take it for no more than 4 weeks to find out your tolerance.

Chosen1 Effects

What can you expect in terms of muscle gains from Chosen1 by Blackstone Labs? 

Well, it’s very hard to give you an exact number of lbs/kg you are going to gain but I’ve seen people gain a couple of lbs after their first cycle.

Lot’s of users also noticed an increase in strength after a cycle of Chosen1. 

All effects you can experience:

  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Boost In Strength
  • Aggression

It’s a very ‘dry’ compound meaning it’s perfect for anyone that is looking to gain lean muscle mass without packing on too much fat.

You might also experience suppressive side-effects like low libido, low energy, and overall tiredness. 

These are the effects of using compounds that are suppressing your natural testosterone levels. It’s therefore very important that you use a post cycle therapy.

While they claim that it’s not liver toxic, I would definitely recommend running on-cycle support like DEFEND.

This product is still processed through your liver and kidneys. An on-cycle support product can help protect your organs from getting damaged.

chosen1 blackstone labs side effects

Chosen1 side-effects

I am going, to be honest guys, Chosen1 isn’t side effect free. It’s a potent prohormone that will cause suppression of your natural t-levels.

You are probably going to experience side effects after a while of usage. These side effects are totally normal, and everyone will react differently to it.

The good thing is that it’s not causing any estrogen conversion, which is very common with prohormones. Other side effects you might experience are:

– High blood pressure
– Lethargy
– Low Libido
– Hair loss

You have to understand that this product is effecting your hormones. Not as much as real anabolics or prohormones, but, none the less it’s worth mentioning because this can bring some hormonal side effects.

Some people are susceptible to hormonal changes in their body and experience, acne, or hair loss.

However, the suppression is very little and is easily reversible by using a good pct product.

Chosen1 vs Sapogenix

The most comparable product in terms of effectiveness is Sapogenix by Huge Nutrition. It’s also a prohormone that contains andro like ingredients. 

While Chosen1 is very effective in terms of muscle gains, I personally prefer Sapogenix because it has fewer side-effects and gave me the same amount of gains.

With both products, I noticed an increase in strength and power in the gym. Both products require the use of a PCT, which is normal with these kinds of products.

I would recommend trying Sapogenix because it gave me an overall better experience, plus it’s cheaper as well. 


Chosen1 Blackstone Labs is a prohormone product containing a blend of Andros. It’s a very powerful muscle-builder which will also give you some crazy strength gains.

It’s a unique product because it claims to have a 99% absorption rate, which normally is something like 30%.

It will suppress your natural testosterone and therefore it’s required to use good PCT like Rebirth PCT. I would recommend using on-cycle support while running this product.

I personally would recommend you to try Sapogenix because it’s better in terms of gains.

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